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What is the Teflon?

Teflon, another names is PTFE, is a kind of resin, often used in the surface of non-stick pot to prevent the rice sticky it .
PTFE (the abbreviation of teflon[F4]), commonly known as "the king of plastics". It is high molecular compound, polymerised by tetrafluoroethylene with excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, (is one of the best materials with inoxidability in the world. PTFE don't dissolve All chemicals, except to dissolve sodium metal and liquid fluorine. Teflon is majorly used in the material required for anti-acid and organic solvent) Tightness, high lubrication and inadhesion, electrical insulation and good anti-aging endurance, excellent temperature resistance(it works on between +250℃ to 180℃ for a long time). Teflon itself is not toxic to human, but in the process of production, the raw material of PFOA is thought to be carcinogenic.


The controversy of Teflon

The focus of dispute is whether the heated Teflon release toxic PFOA. Steve Silverman from law office said : " the research of DuPont shows that when Teflon is heated up,maybe it releases in several kinds of toxic gas."

DuPont claimed that only heated above 340 degrees Celsius (660 Fahrenheit degrees), Teflon coating will get decomposition clearly, and such temperature of cooking oil smoke point than many. DuPont said, "not to eat other foods to the extent of burning, it may reach pyrolysis temperature. However, if empty pot to be forgotten on the stove or oven, it is possible to achieve such high temperatures. Over the past 40 years , non-stick pans cause health slightly affected, only one case on record. "

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